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For the every purposes in your life, it is very important to have other’s feedbacks and comments on your work to correct mistakes, polish yourself, and measure your good quality on the work.

Think if you upload your photo on Instagram or Facebook your will be looking for many comments because you are nervous to know what other people think about it. If you have so many nice comments you will be delighted and it ensures that everybody falls in love with your new uploads. This is very real in your life. You try to measure everything by other’s comments. And this perfectly matches for the fundamental theory of Soundcloud comments.


Okay now, let’s see what Soundcloud comment is?

If you are a musician you know Soundcloud is the best platform to the upcoming artists. Not only upcoming people but also it is used by many popular celebrities to upload their music.

If you are a fresher to this platform you may be worrying about how to grab a large audience in a short period of time. I am going to solve it by this article.

No doubt, if you have a great quality music track it obviously keeps your popularity on this platform. But you must remember that a musician should focus on everything. I meant that you should grasp similar improvement every side; Soundcloud plays, Soundcloud likes, Soundcloud comments, Soundcloud reposts, and Soundcloud followers.


Why am I mentioning it?

Think for a while, even if you have got so many plays and likes on your track but you possessed many negative comments, this causes negative publicity for your music. This is a very pessimistic situation. You have to always remember comment leads your publicity. If you have positive comments you will get positive publicity. If not it is like no publicity. It harmfully affects to your song.

Hence you see it is very important to have positive comments on your tracks.



Okay now let’s see how to comment on Soundcloud or a Soundcloud track. If you are seeking information on Soundcloud comment this will be important too.

First, you should go to a track. Then you can see a heart icon below the track. You can hit a like using that icon. (More on Soundcloud likes) . Thereafter you can see the comment button next to the heart icon. Press it and you can write any comments regarding the track you are playing and enter. This is how you can drop Soundcloud comments.

Soundcloud comment acts like you are monitoring and auditing your tracks because your achievement level is measured by your Soundcloud comments. So it is very important to focus on Soundcloud comments too. I would like to again repeat the reason; you have to maintain every side of measuring points on soundcloud.




  1. When new visitors see your many positive Soundcloud comments on your track they will be motivated to play your track and share your music on social media. It helps you to achieve another exposure and going viral.
  2. Getting new followers will ensure the excellence of your music as they will be a testament to your talent. They will show up others that they have already listened to, commented, and liked your track.


We can see many promotion services across the world. They are saying that they give promotion campaigns for small prices. But you have to realize this situation very carefully. Why I am saying that is we can see many companies who provide bot/fake services to artists. I highly say that it will reduce your worth and you are not able to last long in this platform. As a musician, your worth should be real listeners, real fans who love your music genre. So, DON’T BUY FAKE COMMENTS AND IDENTIFY THE FAKE COMPANIES WHO PROVIDE BOT SERVICES.



Here are the benefits of buying real and organic Soundcloud comments.

1) To gain more listeners

By purchasing the SoundCloud commenting service you can stream your tracks with positive comments and it helps to grab more listeners. Having after such positive comments they will be eager to listen to your track and they will automatically be forced to comment on your track which will get positive publicity and you will become popular. You will see the result in a short time after using this service. Even if you have got negative comments previously before using this service, no one will see them.

2) Getting your track noticed

Purchasing SoundCloud comments service will help you make a note of your track. You need to have something extra in addition to good music as every minute of the site uploads piles of music. Good comments can fill that space. It will help you to win the attention of the viewers. Once you use these services, it will have a lasting effect and your other tracks will also receive a positive reception. Being positive is one of the best qualities in life.

3) To gain positive comments

Positive Soundcloud comment is really needed as more and more people are being asked to listen to your track. You may think that you will have to spend a lot of money to get SoundCloud comment service, but the good news is that the amount of money you need to invest in this service is much less than the benefits you will get after using this service.

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