December 30, 2020

“Nothing is impossible”. This is a well saying as we have already known. In this life, there is a reason to live as well in your music career there should be a reason to survive. Therefore I also have a reason to start my writing saying that because there is a perfectly relevant fact for you as a musician.

How is this relevant for you?

As a musician, you are looking for a huge audience to market your music. This is not just an easy task. But it is not impossible too. If there is a will there is a way. And here I am writing this article to pave the way to achieve your target audience and get more and more plays on your Soundcloud tracks.

Here we will break down how you can get more plays successfully as your own legit Soundcloud promotion with more explanation of the newest, latest, and effective strategies further. Keep reading till the end because I am sure this would be the article you were looking for.

As a platform, SoundCloud is the biggest one which is connected over with a large number of people worldwide. If there is a big number of the audience still you have to foster so much effort to survive in your industry as you still struggle to find out the way to get the music to be heard from the target audience. What is the reason behind this? You may not know how to use effective strategies on Soundcloud to get more plays. You waste your time and money on advertising instead.

But trust me; you do not need to waste your money on advertising anymore. Here I am going to explain A to Z facts to survive by getting more plays on Soundcloud.


People buy fancy dresses because they like to dress them as same as people listen to your music if they like it only. People’s desires and wills are different, so it is hard to catch their hearts into your music. But as we know if a song catches the hearts of people it has a good quality and production behind it. Simply it is a great song. Therefore if you need your music is heard by a lot of people why don’t you pay attention to the quality of your music tracks. Hence this will not be hard for a musician who creates the best quality music.

I don’t know if you know successful artists in your life. But if you know that kind of a man ask them what the reason behind getting more plays on SoundCloud is. Surely the answer will be “THE QUALITY OF THEIR STUFF”. They may say to search on their oldest stuff which has got few plays and the newest stuff which has got many plays and just play them to hear the difference. That is the quality and excellence of their music. If you are not sure try it out. Their progress depended on their quality of music.

The fact you need to understand is it is not useful how much you put advertising tips for a track if it has no standard quality to get heard from the target audience. This will cause you not to get any number of plays onto your tracks and it is just like wasting your time and money. Save the money without doing advertising and put them efficiently to make a quality output. Your music is the best and most effective advertising tip. If you have quality music it causes you to advertise your music to grab many plays on SoundCloud and this is a perfectly real fact.

How can you be sure that you have a quality song with you?

When you completed your song with quality production and mastering it is easy to measure. You may have lots of closest artists with whom you can share any comment without be panic.  Once you are finished with your track first share with that closest one and get true feedback from them about your new creation. This really helps you to realize your track’s quality. Obtaining feedback is more important before you publish it on Soundcloud.


Think you are in a shop. You buy only your favorite things from there. It means you have your own lifestyle. You match the things according to your passion. This fact is really relevant to your music live too.

You always should target the audience who is keen on your music style because they will be the real fans of your music genre. They will be with you every time and they will look for the newest stuff of yours. They will always hear your songs and may download them and share them with other ones. Therefore it is a compulsory thing to recognize your target audience to increase your plays on Soundcloud.

How can you gather your target audience?

Just identify the music tracks which are the same as yours. Then you are able to connect with their music by putting a nice and lengthy comment on their tracks. Then they will get the attention on you. Next, go through the comments which he has already got. Search those people too because they have the same interest as yours. Then do the same as I said before. We connect all the time and this will be given the best advantages for you.

Again I would like to emphasize that if you need to get more plays on SoundCloud and survive long recognize the audience who has the same taste as you. This will be the best promotion for Soundcloud doing by you yourself too.


There are many people who are expert to market your music than you. Why don’t you take them as an advantage?

A musician always dedicates his time and effort to share his songs and get more plays on Soundcloud. But you can find larger networks to share your music as the largest audience. There are many forms of larger networks.

  • Promotional channels
  • Repost channels
  • Playlists
  • Labels
  • Artists who have got bigger followings

But remember that not to ignore the offsite target market either. Even though they do not provide a large target audience on the SoundCloud platform, it does not mean they are not able to send many plays. Be sure to use:

  • Blog sites
  • YouTube channels
  • Spotify Playlists
  • Vloggers
  • Instagram accounts
  • Radio Stations

Always find a network that is perfectly fit for your music. But you should not message them even if they have got the largest fan base. They are looking for a piece of specific music according to their tastes. So you can have an appropriate decision by searching and playing their previous uploaded tracks. But do not be panic even if your song is not perfectly fir the same as their tracks. Sometimes you may have a different one to be liked by them.


If you need to select a professional network technique to send messages what kinds of facts are you going to consider selecting one?

  • The message surely should be got by the recipient safely.
  • It should be very specific, simple, and clear to network with each other.
  • It should be used by everybody.
  • It should be on a permanent platform.

Can you guess the solution? That is Email. This is a very old networking technique. But still, it performs very safe, clear, and professional services to everyone. Then how can we use Email for SoundCloud promotional services?

Here I am going to explain it A to Z.

Email is available for every artist, channel, tag, bloggers, etc. then you do not need to waste time to find out whether they are on Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram. Simple you can connect with them via Email.

Now I am going to give some suggestions for sending an Email.

  • Be concise.
  • To get attention, just send the SoundCloud weblink too.
  • Be conversational – treat other people as a human and he will treat you back the same.
  • Personalize messages.
  • Always follow up because everybody does not reply to your Email the very first time. But do not give up on following up with them.


Repost chain is a very useful technique to gather force from many accounts in a very efficient way. Basically, a repost chain is a group of people who repost a track to have maximum exposure.

There are few ways to sign up with or construct a repost chain:

  • Producer Friends – Get your inner circle together and sign up for a repost chain. This way you get an exposure standard every time you post a track.
  • Larger Chain – A lot of people who are on Facebook are expecting to join repost chains. Normally you need a variety of fans to join them. (5000+ fans).
  • Random Chains – If you need exposure, try Google ‘Repost Chain’ and you will see a lot of replies to submit to some chains. Some of these need to be sorted out, be careful. In addition, these are not necessarily an effective way to get promotions, because you can get a large number of plays that does not mean much. Be selective.

Now I am going to give two main key facts to be considered before you join a repost chain.

First of all, be fine with reposting the song and be sure that it will not harm your brand and will not be going to frustrate your fans. If it will be harmful avoid it.

Also, some people have a problem with the reposting chain, so it ‘abuses the re-post attribute’, so think about whether this will be useful to you or in any other way. Straightforward, I think it’s good as long as you repost music like that.

06) Make your music be discovered

Hold on! I am going to give some tips to do this:

  • Accurate Genre Tags
  • Relevant Tags ( tracks tag)
  • Put an appropriate name on your tracks
  • Use description
  • Get other engagements (like, comments….)


You can share more of your music and increase exposure by downloading your tracks for free.

Giving away your track means you can listen and share it outside of the SoundCloud platform and none of these listening or comments will contribute to your presence.

Also, you need to use your other social profiles to keep promoting your SoundCloud, you also need to use your profile links to figure out other platforms for people who can follow you.

Your loyal fans will want to keep up to connect with you across various platforms, do it easy for them!


Artists do not know how to handle their marketing part properly if there are so many articles related to it. Therefore they are wasting time and money on advertising. Here I am giving you the simplest solution ever.

Maybe you are tired of purchasing plays from many different companies. Now you might realize that they are not real plays. Therefore you might lose your trust in digital marketing.  Here I am going to give a big relief because I am going to introduce one of the best-registered companies which offer legit Soundcloud promotion only. That is the company named as GROOVE MUSIC PROMOTION.

Groove is a registered promotion company that has undersigned to give real SoundCloud promotion for upcoming artists.

How does Groove do Soundcloud promotion services for getting more plays?

  • First Groove gets to know about your music genre and recognizes the target audience.
  • Groove saves your money and time because it gives SoundCloud plays promotion for affordable prices.
  • Groove has been connected with many SoundCloud channels and Facebook pages consisted of over 1000k members and different kinds of music genres. Groove shares your music with the recognized target audience and it helps to get more plays gradually.
  • Groove has partnerships with many different channels, blog sites, playlists, and artists who have many followings. Then Groove shares your music tracks among them to have more plays on Soundcloud.
  • Groove uses the mail lists.
  • Groove hates bots. No bots engagement ever.

Why don’t you join with Groove and have a better exposure to your music? Only you need to buy real Soundcloud promotion from them.

Hurry up and get more plays on Soundcloud with Groove than wasting your money and time on unuseful advertising!


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